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DROK Digital Audio Amplifier List —Your Mini Home Audio System

DROK Competitive Amplifier. Suitable for the amateurs with strong hands-on ability, quick-witted and sagacious; besides, needs sufficient understanding of line design, component application, sound debugging and other technologies.

Audio Amplifier

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  1. Hello,
    Could you please let us know more about the problem detail ? Does it not power on or it can not play music?
    Please send us your problem detail and order ID to email service@droking.com and please don’t worry, we will solve your problem.
    DROK Team

  2. I bought the Transistor tester. Where are the instructions on how to use this?

    I have no idea where to place the component to be tested.

    The front has pin holes labelled 1233123 for goodness sake.

    What goes where?

    • Hello Mark Round,
      Thanks for writing in.
      Would you please send us the product link or ASIN number so that we can confirm the item?
      We will reply to you once we confirm it.
      Best regards.

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