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lcd voltage regulator

Voltage Regulaotr with Shell
DC 5-23V to 0-16.5V 3A
Dual Volt Amp LCD Display


Numerical Control Voltage Regulator
DC 6-55V to 0-50V 5A
with LCD Display


Numerical Control Voltage Regulator
DC 10-40V to 0-38V 6A
CC CV & LED Display

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  1. Are you making or can you recommend a wall plate for your 100a power monitor?

    • Hello Ellis Chapman,
      Thank you for your message.
      Sorry that we do not have a product can meet your demand.
      Beg your understanding.
      Best regards

  2. Hi!

    Is this your product?

    If so, do you have ROHS documentation for it?

    • Hi Mika,
      Thank you for your interest in our product.
      So sorry that we do not have ROHS document for it.
      We are still applying the ROHS document.
      Since it is a semi-manufactured product, the application procedure will be more complicate and need more time.
      However, we are trying our best to apply it.
      Beg your understanding.
      Best regards

  3. I recently purchased your PWM motor speed controller, 10A. It worked well however my intended use was for an LED dimmer where I needed to separate the potentiometer control from the circuit board. This is required on many installations where old incandescent lights are replaced with LED lamps in boats and recreational vehicles where the old dimmer control will no longer will work with LED’s. The problem is on all of these installations, there is not enough space in the electric box where the old control resides, only enough space to mount the pot., the control board must be remounted about 25 CM away.
    When I tried to un-solder the potentiometer I overheated it and destroyed it. Would you be willing to supply a PWM with a remote potentiometer on an extension cable or could I purchase the correct replacement potentiometer for this unit? I currently need 10 of these devices for present jobs.

    Thank you in advance, Cyril

    • Hello Cyril Silberman,
      Thank you for writing in.
      Could you please tell us your order ID or the link of the product so that we can ensure which product you are referring to?
      With your help, we can find a solution more quickly.
      Best regards

  4. I have purchased two of your DC digital multi-function meters type PZEM-051. The first one I did multiple indoor tests and liked how it worked. I installed it in a small sailboat with an electric outboard motor By the time we got to our destination for our two week vacation and tried it for our first field test it failed, never working there after.

    I am not happy about this at all. I was counting on it to show me my deep cycle marine battery status on my small electric powered outboard motor.

    Now I have bought another one; how long will this one last? Can I ship the first one that does not work back to you? Will you repair it or better, replace it? I am not happy or smiling at this time. Please help me with this. – Tom

    • Hello Tom Hopper,
      Thank you for writing in and so sorry for the inconvenience caused on you.
      Since the PZEM-051 has 50A and 100A version, it is hard for us to ensure which version you have bought.
      Could you please tell us your order ID or the link of the product so that we can ensure which product you have bought?
      It is better that you can tell us more details of your operation, such as the input voltage/current, the load, the wiring, the working environment.
      If you can, we sincerely hope that you can send us some images of your wiring to let us check the problem details.
      You can send this information to us by email (service at droking dot com).
      With your help, we can find a solution more quickly.
      Looking forward to hearing from you.
      Best regards

  5. Hi,
    I bought your 300177 AD584 2.5/5.0/7.5/10.0 VDC reference standard module through Amazon. The module works well and will function even in the 10 VDC setting using a 12VDC alkaline A23 cell. It came with the measured voltage output on the ESD wrapper, but there was no data sheet. I don’t see it listed in your products on your web site. Do you have a data sheet for this module? It also came with two small metal clips loose in the bag with the circuit board. What are those for? It wasn’t intuitively obvious to me looking at the clips and the board.


    • Hello John Lind,
      Thank you for writing in.
      We are so glad that this product can meet your demand.
      Here the PDF file is the datahsheet of the product, please check it.
      The two small metal clips are the the battery pole pieces so you can use 23A or 27A battery to power the module.
      It can be connected as the following image:
      Hope this can help you.
      Best regards

      • Thanks for providing the datasheet and the information about the brackets! Module works very well with a 12V 23A. Users should be cautioned if they use alligator clips on the output instead of 2mm probe tips, not to short the alligator clip to the resistor that’s between the two output connectors. Doing so blows the LED out (regardless of module output voltage setting; that’s all it damages). Did that twice and the second time I realized why the LED failed. The third LED is installed and working; fortunately I had a few small LEDs on hand.

        • Hello John,
          You’re welcome and thank you for sharing.
          It will be great helpful to other users.
          If you have any question, please feel free to write back to us.
          Have a nice day!
          Best regards

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