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  1. The download link appears to be broken. Please fix.

  2. Do you have a image or instructions on how to hook up mini stepper motors to this device? Or a project directions? Still kind of learning.

    • Hi,John Robinson
      We are sorry to let you know that we don’t have a image or instruction you mentioned.
      If you need, please send email to service at droking dot com. we will consult our technician whether we can make one or not when they come back from Chinese New Year holiday.
      Hope this will help you.
      Best regards

  3. Hello, I have bought a L298N because I need to control a step motor (30V, 1A).
    I have a question about the power supply connections.
    I connect 30V to 12V+, Ground to GND , remove the jumper 5V_EN, 5v on 5v and not remove the jump EN_A and EN_b.
    Is this the correct configuration?
    Because I can not see any led on.


    • Hello Alex,
      Thank you for purchasing.
      Is the ASIN of L298N module you are referring to B00CAG6GX2?
      If yes, this module has a built-in 5V step-down voltage regulator.
      If you connect 30V to 12V+, you needn’t to remove the jumper 5V_EN or connect 5V to +5V Power.
      If you connect 5V to +5V Power, you needn’t connect 30V to 12+ but you need to remove the jumper 5V_EN.
      Hope this will be helpful to you.
      Best regards

      • Great, thanks!
        What about the EN_A and EN_B.
        With the jumpers on EN_A and EN_B the current is able to flow, without the jumper the current can not flow, isn’t it?

  4. I have purchased L298N V2 on Amazon.

    Can you please tell me where to connect the PWM signals if I want to control two DC motors. I see Vcc,GND, +5 which I assume are the supply rails. Then I see OUTA, OUTB which assume is the power for DC motor 1 and then I see OUTC, OUTD which I assume is the power for the DC motor 2. Do the PWM signals connect to the INA,INB,INC,IND? If so, what voltage level should I use? 0-5V?



    • Hello Jason,
      Thank you for purchase.
      Your assumption is right. The PWM signals is connected to the Signal Input (INA, INB, INC, IND), which is marked by yellow frame.
      The Drive Terminal Power Supply Vs is +5V to +35V (if others need to be powered by the board, power vsupply should be +7V~+25V);
      The Logic Terminal Power Supply Vss is +5 V to +7 V (Power supply within the board: +5 V).
      Here is the graphic illustration of the product. Graphic Illustration
      Hope this will be helpful to you.
      Best regards

  5. Dear Sirs,
    I am unable to open the file once it is down loaded. Do you you have a PDF version I can down load?

  6. Why any input signals at 3.3V cannot control the module?
    the module worked only when I connect the output 5V directly to one of the input port.

    • Hi Chongyun Wang,
      Thank you for writing and sorry for the inconvenience caused on you.
      Could you please tell us your order ID or the link of the product so we can ensure which product you have purchased?
      It is better that you can tell us more details of your operation, such as the input voltage/current, the load, the wiring, the working environment.
      If you can we sincerely hope that you can send us some images or video to let us check the problem details.
      You can send this information to us via email (service at droking dot com).
      With your help, we can find a solution more quickly.
      Best regards

  7. Can you explain more about the three way steering interface on the dual L298n driver module? How does it work and what does it do? I’d like to buy one, but not sure how it works. I downloaded the code, but it does not help much.

    • Hello Jerry,
      Thank you for writing in.
      Could you please tell us what do you want to use it for?
      Does this instruction can’t help with you?091048
      Best regards.

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