Integrated Circuits

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2 PCS/LOT Alligator Clips Double Ended Crocodile Clamp 8A Electrical DIY Test Leads 50cm Roach Clip Test Jumper Wire

It is Double Ended Crocodile Clamp/Alligator Clips, Cable length: 50cm, Working current: 8A, Charact..


4-20mA Signal Source DC 12V 24V Signal Generator Constant Current Source 0.01mA Function Generator Stepless fine Adjustment

It is a 4-20mA Signal Source Signal Generator, Power supply: DC12 ~ 30V, The product can be used: si..


4-series lithium battery protection board 14.4V/14.8V/16.8V 30A High Current battery Charger

It is a Lithium Battery Protection Board, It has over charge protection, over-discharge protection, ..


DC4 ~ 12V to 8~18V Power Supply Module Adjustable Voltage Regulator DC 12V Amplifier Power/Driver Module/USB Adapter

It is a Power Supply Module/Amplifier Power Adapter, Input voltage: DC 4 ~ 12V, Output voltage: ±8~±..


L298N DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module Four motor Drive integrated Module for arduino/WIFI smart Car/Robot

It is a L298N DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module, Driver Chip: L298N dual H-bridge DC mo..