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High Power Dual Channel Digital Bluetooth Amplifier

Compact size, colorful appearance, DROK Dual Channel Bluetooth Stereo Amplifiers would be the most attractive amplifier kit for your home car stereo system. Of course, it is not persuasive judge it from the outside, but the sound quality. These amp modules own the features of high power, advanced circuit board design, strong anti-interference ability, which are the strong assurance of great hearing enjoyment. It would be an excellent choice for you to get one.

Bluetooth Amplifier

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  1. Hi

    I’ve just got my drok dual channel mini amp, i’m looking to get a sub and was wondering if the twin banana plugs fit the unit and what the best way to set this up would be.

    Kind regards

    • Hello kevin woolford,
      Thanks for your writing in.
      Would you please send us the ASIN number or product link so that we can confirm the item you mean?
      Best regards.

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