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How to Measure USB Current Draw and Voltage Output of Powered USB Port by a USB Multimeter?

Do you want to know how much the output current is when your phone is charging?

Do you want to know how much the current generated by the solar panel? Is the direction setting of your solar panel to the sun perfect?

Do you want to know the quality of your USB cable? Through testing the charging current, you can distinguish between good and bad USB cable meanwhile, you can also sort the USB cable according to their current limit ability in a few minutes.

Please use above 2A USB cable to charge your tablet and phone (support Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung devices), not 0.5A.

Sometimes we have to determine the suitability of USB current supply of some electric devices.
Or monitoring the health condition of the power bank.
Or checking the output voltage and current when charging for other USB devices just for fun.

However, are you still using a digital multimeter (DMM) to measure the output current of a USB-powered device?

Forget the DMM the DMM as it has gone too far to measure a 5V USB port. DROK USB Power Multimeter will be a ideal choice for you. It is worth for a try..

1. Integrated voltmeter and ammeter with high accuracy.
2. Red and blue dual LED digital display, easy to read both indoors and outdoors.
3. Compact, light weight and handy, convenient to carry out.
4. Multiple function, not only can testing current and voltage but also transfer data.
5. With two USB jacks, you can plug two devices into the multimeter at the same time

  • OUTPUT I (Two Functions)
    1) Support QC 2.0 charging (when OUTPUT I uses QC 2.0 charging, please do not insert any devices into the OUTPUT II)
    2) Data communication function : mobile phones or other mobile devices for data transfer with a computer, and at the same time can view the voltage and current values.
    3) Charging voltage output function: insert the Original Chargers can charge mobile phones or other mobile devices. The charging current is determined by compatibility.
    1) Built-in intelligent charging control IC: match the most appropriate and safest current for your devices automatically. (mainly for Non-original Chargers, but also suitable for Original Chargers)
    2) Suitable for: most of mobile phones , mobile power , tablet PCs and other USB devices, such as BC1.2, YT/D1591-2009 and non-BC1.2 (including iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy).
    3) No data communication function.

Reviews from our customers:

Works great! I’m using it to verify the proper charging on my mini-quadcopters. The really cool thing is that after they are charged and you unplug the DROK and charging cord from the USB, it then registers the Volts in the mini-quads batteries…Very Cool.
– by Michael F.
Excellent pass-through meter. Compact and feature filled display that is backlit for easy reading in the dark. The device does exactly what I want with accuracy and precision to my tolerances.
– by Tooltehbox
Realtime monitoring of the rate and voltage from your USB chargers and ports allows you to immediately see which chargers or ports aren’t able to supply enough power.
– by R. Ault

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  1. I just ordered and received the USB Power multimeter. I am not an electrical engineer ,I just wanted to test to see if I am getting the 2 Milli-amp charge that my battery supply says I should. So I was a little perturbed that no instructions came with the device. I note that there is a small button-to the right of Output 1 and above the “V” and have no idea what that button does. Again why no instructions? Also on the back there is a small square sticker with in the recessed part of the plastic with a blue mark in the square that reads VA + H What does that mean? I noticed that that same sticker on a picture on amazon had a different block marked. I sure would appreciate some answers. Thanks!

    • Dear friend,
      Thank you for your order.
      We are sorry we don’t have manual instruction for those DIY products.
      We are striving to improve ourselves in terms of service, quality, sourcing, etc. and your feedback and review is quite important therefore thanks for your suggestions and we will do as you suggest in future.
      And now, to deal with you trouble, we have the manual in PDF, please click here:

      If there’s anything I can help with, don’t hesitate to tell me.
      Looking forward to serving you again.
      Best regards,

  2. Is it possible that you mean capacity and not capacitance ? And its units are mA-H ( milli amp Hour ) ?

    • Dear friend
      thank you for your message.
      when i say “2-amp capacity for iPads and other “high-power” devices.” i mean that you can charger your device with 2A amp.
      this item build in capacitance monitor. its units is mA-H
      thanks for your understanding.
      best regards

  3. I like the inexpensive diagnostics you provide through your devices. I just ordered 4 USB devices and another volt / amp probe. I wish you would also make a system that captures the output from these devices and creates a csv file for analysis. Or a series of devices that can do what you already do and creatge the output file or allow live monitoring over a network. It would go a long way for find those intermittent problems that crop up when your not looking.

    • Sir, thanks for your reminding. but we have some technical difficulties and we are trying to deal with it. Any suggestions, feel free to contact us.

  4. It looks like your 30% off promotion code may have expired. Do you have another one?

    • Dear friend,
      Sorry for any inconvenience caused on you.
      It may be caused by the error of the system.
      Here is another promotion code for you: EAPKYEU8.
      Because the verification of the system, please apply the code a few hours later.
      And please note that this promotion will be ended at April 30, 2016.
      Hope this can help you.
      Best regards

  5. I want to purchase the DROK usb Monitor with LCD display and my friend used a promotional code, but can’t recall what it was. I believe it was 25% or 30% off for Oct 2016 similar to what was mentioned in this post. Is there another one available?

    • Hello Com Cam,
      Thank you for writing in.
      So sorry that we cannot find out the promotion you are referring to.
      Could you please tell us the order ID so that we can ensure the product your friend had bought?
      Waiting for your reply.
      Best regards

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