DC 0-2A Meter

Application: industrial equipments,electronic equipment and All kinds Current Measuring.
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4.5-30V 0-2A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Display Panel Meter Red Blue LED

It is a 2in1 Volt Amp Panel Meter, Measure Voltage Range DC 4.5-30V,Measure Current Range:0-2A forwa..


85C1-A Class-2.5 DC Ammeter Gauge AMP Panel Meter 0-2A Analog Amperemeter

It is an analog meter can measure 0-2A, it can work in -20 ~ 50 ℃, damping response time of less tha..


Ammeter +/- 0 ~2A Digital Current Meter 0.56" Red Led Display Ampere Meter High Accuracy Digital Tester/Panel Meter

It is a Digital Ammeter/Panel Meter, Measure Current Range: ±2A, Operating voltage: DC +5V ±0.5, It ..


DC 0-2A LCD High Current Meter Digital Ammeter Gauge Blue DC 8-12V Powered

It is a DC 0-2A Digital Ammeter,Operating voltage: DC 8 ~ 12V,Operating current:..


Digital Ammeter And Voltmeters 0-100V/2A DC Volt Ampere Meter Red LED YB27VA

It is a 2in1 Volt Amp Panel Meter, Measure Voltage Range DC 0-100V,Measure Current Range 0-2A , Accu..


Digital Meter DC 0 ~ 2A Digital Tester/Amp Gauges Red Led Display Current Meter/Panel Meter DC 5V Digital Ammeter/Tester

It is a Digital Meter/Digital Ammeter/Tester, Measure Current Range: DC 0 ~ 2A, Operating voltage: D..


Digital Tester 2in1 Ampere meter/Voltage Meter DC 0~100V/2A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter DC 12V 24V Monitor Meter/Panel Meter

It is a 2in1 Digital Tester/Dual display Digital Voltmeter Ammeter, Operating voltage:DC 4.5 ~ 30V, ..


DP20V2A Voltmeter Ammeter Constant Voltage and current Step-down Programmable Power Supply module Adjustable buck converter

It is a Digital Programmable Voltmeter Ammeter,Input voltage range 4.5-23V,Output voltage range 0V-2..