AC 0-50A Meter

Applications:Suitable for Power distribution box, distribution cabinet, regulators, teaching aids, household small distribution box or other products voltage current measurement.
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2in1 Volt Amp Panel Meter AC 200~500V/50A Voltmeter Ammeter AC 110V 220V 380V Digital Meter/Tester + Current transformer

It is a 2in1 Digital Meter/Digital Voltmeter Ammeter, Measure Voltage Range AC200~500V,Measure Curre..


2in1 Voltage Current Monitor DC 0~20V/50A Digital Voltmeter Ammeter Mini Volt Ampere Meter AC 220V Power Supply

It is a Digital Meter/2in1 Voltmeter Ammeter/Panel Meter Tester, Power Supply: AC220V +/- 10%,Measur..


Digital AC Ammeter Voltmeter 100-300V/50A Units Of Voltage And Current Sense Amp

It is a 2in1 Volt Amp Panel Meter, Measure Voltage Range AC 100-300V,Measure Current Range AC 0.1-50..