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DC12V/24V multi-usage 0.56

It is a Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/White Digital Voltmeter,Digital Clock ,Digital Thermometer 3in1 Multifunction Panel Meter,Measurement Voltage DC 0-200V,Measuring temperature 67°F to 257°F (-55 to 125°c),Clock Display 12-hour, Power Supply DC7-30V, it has Reverse polarity protection ,small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Applied to the industrial control,Electrical control,Water, Refrigerator, Aquarium ,home,factory,garden,And other platforms.


  • Feature:Multifunction, Time/Voltage/Temperature,3in1
  • Display: 61mm x 29mm x 17.5mm
  • Installation dimensions: 58mm x 26mm
  • Operating temperature: -40 °c -85 °c
  • Power Supply voltage: DC 7-30V ( with anti-reverse protection )
  • Display: Four 0.56 "LED digital tube
  • Display Color: Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/White
  • Refresh rate: about 300mS / times
  • Measuring temperature: 67°F to 257°F (-55 to 125°c)
  • Minimum input: 67 °F
  • Maximum Input: 257 °F
  • Accuracy: about 0.2 °c
  • Overload: please do not higher than 300 °F
  • Sensor Cable Length: 80-100cm
  • Sensor probe:18B20
  • Some Application: for Measure Car, Room, Water, Refrigerator, Aquarium Temperature And DIY Etc   
  • Measuring voltage Range: 0-200VDC , Accuracy: +/-0.1V
  • Clock: 12-hour, the battery backup is available 3-4 years

Display modes:

  • Only display time
  • Only display the voltage
  • Only display temperature
  • Time temperature voltage alternating display

Mode setting button:

  • Short press to select the clock, seconds, voltage, temperature display mode;
  • Long press show “ALL”, Enter the time temperature voltage alternating display mode,interval of 5 seconds. short press to exit

Time setting button:

  • Short press to adjust the hours, minutes (flashing),Short press again to exit
  • Short press the "Mode setting button", the clock starts running

Wiring of voltage measure:

  • Red: Power Supply +
  • Black: Power Supply -, Measure Voltage -
  • Green: Measure Voltage +

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Digital Clock Voltmeter Thermometer  3-in-1

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DC12V/24V multi-usage 0.56" Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/White LED Clock Meter Fahrenheit Thermometer Car Voltmeter 3in1 Multifunction Monitor Meter

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