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CNC Digital 400W DC-DC DC Boost Converter Constant Current Volt Battery Charger

It is 400W DC Boost Converter, Input voltage: 6V ~ 40V,Current: 15A (max),Output voltage: 8V ~ 80V,Current: 0 ~ 9.99A,Conversion efficiency: Up to 95%,it used to CNC DC Boost module.

  • Input voltage: 6V ~ 40V
  • Input Current: 15A (max)
  • Output voltage: 8V ~ 80V
  • Output Current: 0 ~ 9.99A
  • Voltage, current resolution: 0.01V, 0.01A
  • Output Power: 400W (max)
  • Effective power P = Input voltage * 10A
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 95%
  • Display: 4 digits high brightness LED
  • Short circuit protection: 15A Fuse
  • Dimensions: 86 * 75 * 63 mm

  • Connect the input and output correctly, ensure that the input voltage is within the required range, the reverse is strictly prohibited.
  • How to set the voltage and current values:
     Boot default display voltage value.Voltage display as"XX.XX",unit"V", Adjustment/display resolution 0.01V, short press"↑""↓"can adjust voltage precisely, long press"↑""↓"can adjust voltage quickly. after setting voltage value, press "SET" button until LED display "----", then the voltage value have been saved.
     Press"SET"button will switch to current display, current display as"X.XXA",unit is "A". Adjustment/display resolution 0.01A, short press"↑""↓"can adjust current precisely, long press"↑""↓"can adjust current quickly.after setting current value, press "SET" button until LED diaplay"-----",then the current value have been saved.
     Powered automatic output function on / off method: Press "OK" button, then power the module, the release the button when display "--0-" . If display "--y-", it indicates opened the function of output automatically after powered ,  If display "--n-" , it indicates closed the function of output automatically after powered.

  • If the output voltage and current change slowly, this does not affect the normal use,
  • Please use the fan with high power and long work to enhance heat dissipation.
  • To the use of powering the high-power electrical appliances, please turn off the automatic output function. Press the "OK" button after connected the input and output. Until the voltage is set to rise, then re-opened appliances.
  • To charge the battery, please turn off the automatic output function, set the appropriate charging voltage and current, then connect the battery, and press the "OK" button to output, you can recharge the battery.
  • This module is the use of single-chip adjustable constant current mode, and the adjustment of changing speed is slower.

Package included:
  • 1x CNC DC Boost module

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CNC Digital 400W DC-DC DC Boost Converter Constant Current Volt Battery Charger

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