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-62% AC Power Supply, UPS Module/Charger AC 110V~240V to 13.5V 10 A Buck Voltage Regulator DC 12V Adapter/Drive Module

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It is AC Power Supply Module/Charger.

Application:Suitable for DIY an UPS Power Supply Module, Charging module, Industrial equipment Voltage convert, Power Supply Transformers, Laptop Power Supply. Batteries Buck, Car Power Supply, LED drive,Advertising screen,Monitoring System etc  


·         Equipped with Connector for battery, compatible for lead-acid batteries; when the electricity is cut off, it can still offer power

·         It is allowed to connect batteries that is below 12V 20Ah; the larger the capacity, the longer the charging time

·         With ups function, it can charge battery and Master the charging situation of battery automatically

·         Adopting battery-detection, protection, it will automatically converted to battery powering when the electricity is cut off

·         With short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection

UPS Function Introduction:

·         It supports float-charging with high charging efficiency, battery plumpness could be up to 90%.

·         It will stop charging when full charged to avoid being over charged, which does good to prolong the service life of battery.

·         It will automatically exchange electricity and battery, no time costed, no human work needed.

·         Automatically switch to battery power after cutting electricity, When the battery offer power, the voltage drops to 10V, output will shut down automatically to prevent over-discharge, which can effectively protect the battery from being damaged.


   〨: Ground

   N: Null line.
   L: Live line
   BAT+ BAT-: connect the positive and negative of battery
   V+V-: connect the positive and negative of load

Package Includes:

  • 1 x AC/DC UPS Charger Power Supply

input voltage110~240V
output current1.5A
output power18W
output voltage13.5V
output ways1

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AC Power Supply, UPS Module/Charger AC 110V~240V to 13.5V 10 A Buck Voltage Regulator DC 12V Adapter/Drive Module

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