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DC Boost

Brand: Drok Model: 090748
It is a DC to DC Boost Buck Converter,DC 4-32V 8A input, 0.8-32V 8A output,up to 98% Conversion efficiency,.you can use it to DIY a power supply,Charging the battery, lithium batteries ect. Product Description     Module Properties: non-isolated synchronous re..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090629
It's a DC Boost Converter,Input voltage: DC 10-32V,Output voltage: DC 60-95V continuously adjustable,Input Current: 16A (MAX),Output Current: 2A (MAX),Connection is simple, easy to use. Features: Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) ..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090628
It's a DC Boost Converter,Input voltage :10-32V,Output voltage: 12-35V continuously adjustable,Input Current: 16A (MAX),Output Current: 10A (MAX),Connection is simple, easy to use. Features:   Module Properties: Non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) Input volt..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090393
LM2577 boost converter module, operating temperature -40°c to +85°c, can enhance heat dissipation, input voltage 3-34V, output voltage 4-35V adjustable of switching power converters. Feature: Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) Input voltage :3-34V ..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090410
The DC / DC 6-32V to 0.8-28V converter, efficient high, maximum output current 15A, maximum output power 150W the current voltage regulator, applicable car regulator, laptop power supply. Size: 83 (L) x 45 (W) x 19 (H) mm (excluding input and output terminals) Size: 101 (L) x 45 (W) x ..
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Brand: Drok Model: 200210
It is a Power Supply Module/Amplifier Power Adapter, Input voltage: DC 4 ~ 12V, Output voltage: ±8~±18V (the output voltage can be set before using; default output double 12V), The power of this module is smaller; it should be applied to preamp and headphone amp, and it cannot be used on the post am..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090746
It's a Boost Buck Regulate Power Supply,Input Voltage :5-32V,Output voltage :1.25-20V,Conversion efficiency: up to 96%.For DIY a regulated power supply, provide a stable operating voltag. Module Parameters: Module Name: 5A automatic step up/down module Module Properties:..
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Brand: Drok Model: 200231
It is a Digital Tester/Relay Controller, Operating voltage: DC 8 ~ 28V (limitation DC 8 ~ 32V), Load capacity: maximum load capacity of relay's normally open port: DC 0 ~ 30V / 10A, AC 0 ~ 250V / 10A; maximum load capacity of relay's normally closed port: DC 0 ~ 28V / 10A, AC 0 ~ 125V / 10A, Applica..
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Brand: Drok Model: 200150
It is a 900W Power Supply Module/ NC Adjustable Voltage Regulator Module/Adapter/Charger, Input voltage: DC 8~60V, Output voltage: DC 10~120V, Output current: 0~15A, small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for Battery Charger,  elec..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090438
It is a DC Step Up Converter Regulator, DC 12V 24V Adjustable Voltage Regulator Notebook/Mobile Power Module/Adapter/Driver, It has small size, high efficiency, easy installation and use, Applied to the Car Power,notebook mobile power, voltage Regulator,industrial equipment,and DIY ect. Para..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001708005
It is a Power Converter/Dual Output Power Supply Module, Input Voltage: 4.8~40VDC, Output Voltage: ±15VDC, Application: suitable for sensor, operational amplifier, audio and other devices that needs positive-negative power output. Characteristics: 1 Function: this module can convert sing..
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Brand: Drok Model: 090410
It is a Auto Boost Buck Converter ,Power Supply 150W 6-32V to 0.8-28V,Conversion efficiency Up to 97% ,It has Shortage Protection,Reverse polarity protection,Overcurrent protection. Applied to the Car ,Battery ,laptop,Electronic equipment,power adapter,industrial ,microcontroller,LED lighting power..
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