-44% DC Buck Converter DC4~40V to 1.2~38V 3A Dual Output Power Adapter USB Charger for mobile Phone/Laptop/Tablet PC/MP3 etc

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It is 100W Dual Output Power Adapter/USB Charger, Input voltage : DC 3~35V ( limit 36V), Output voltage :DC 3~35V( continuously adjustable , the default output is 19V),  Output Current : 6A( MAX ), small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for Battery Charger,Mobile Phone Charger,  electronic equipment, industrial equipment,LED drive,Advertising screen,Monitoring System etc

Module Parameters:

  • Module Properties: non-isolated Constant Voltage Constant Current step-up module (BOOST) ,100W Mobile Power Supply,USB Charge,
  • Input voltage : DC 3~35V ( limit 36V)
  • Input Current : 10A (MAX) Please enhance heat dissipation more than 6A
  • Quiescent Current : 15mA, not include the current of voltmeter (12V boost to 20V , the shizuta current will increase when output voltage is higher )
  • Output voltage :DC3~35V continuously adjustable , the default output is 19V.
  • Output Current : 6A MAX, Please enhance heat dissipation over 5A
  • Constant current range :0.1~10A
  • Output power = input voltage * 6A
  • Working temperature: -40°c to +85 °c( please enhance heat dissipation when ambient temperature is too high )
  • Operating Frequency : 280KHz
  • Conversion efficiency : up to 96%
  • Overcurrent protection : Yes ( input exceeds 12A, automatically reduces the output voltage , have a range of error . )
  • Short-circuit protection: ( input 15A fuse ) double circuit protection
  • Input Reverse Polarity Protection: No , ( if necessary , please connect diode with input in series )
  • Output anti-anti- irrigation : Yes, no need for plus blocking diode when charging.
  • Identify resistance : Tablet PC , ipad, iphone ( some phones identify circuit is different, need to be adjusted )
  • Voltmeter minimum resolution : 0.05V/0.05A (10V or less automatically switch the decimal point )
  • Wiring: free welding output terminals
  • Constant current constant voltage


  • 1, Voltmeter power options : you can select power the voltmeter from Input or Output by jumper on the board. you can short the jumper to reduce the loss of the voltmeter. Remove the the jumper cap, the voltmeter does not work.
  • 2, USB output port: USB interface is connected to the output directly, with the identify resistor. Please make sure the USB output voltage is consistent with the voltage of your products. Otherwise it will burn your digital products.
  • 3, Switch to display the voltage or current: VI: input voltage; VO: output voltage; IO: output current.
  • 4, The method for adjusting the output current:
  • Adjust the CV potentiometer, setting the output voltage to your need according to your battery or LED.
  • Turn the CC potentiometer 30 laps counterclockwise to set a min output current, Then connect the LED. adjusting CC potentiometer to the current you need.


  • 1, DIY a power supply, with voltage and current display
  • 2, As the power supply for your electronic device, can set the output voltage value according to your system.
  • 3, As the car power supply, power for your laptop, PDA or a variety of digital products supply.
  • 4, solar panels regulator.
  • 5, DIY high current mobile power, with a single lithium battery can be boosted to 5V, built-in USB port and identify resistor, and a large current output 2.5A, which charging for some phone simultaneously.

Package include:

  • 1 x DC Boost Converter + Voltmeter (Power Adapter + USB Charger + Voltmeter)
input voltage 3~35V
output current 6A
output power 210W
output voltage 3~35V
output ways 1

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DC Buck Converter DC4~40V to 1.2~38V 3A Dual Output Power Adapter USB Charger for mobile Phone/Laptop/Tablet PC/MP3 etc

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