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DC Voltmeter

Brand: Drok Model: 100017
It ia a Red LED Digital Voltmeter,Power Supply DC 2.5-30V,it has Reverse polarity protection, Waterproof ,small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality, easy installation and use. Can be used to All kinds Voltage Measuring. Feature: Dimensions: 40..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001712004
Product Features: Thicken copper crocodile clip + thicken protective insulation sleeve Rated current: 10A Thickness of clip: about 0.5mm Opening range of clip: 10mm Weight: 5g*50pcs 1. These well-made 50 pcs crocodile alligator clip are made of environment friendly materials. 2. With thicke..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001712006
Technical Parameters:Accuracy: 1%2digitsMeasurement Range: AC Voltage: 80-150VDC Voltage: 0-99.9VDisplay:DC voltage show with green 0.39-inch LEDAC voltage show with red 0.39-inch LEDPower supply power: < 0.5VAMeasurement rate: about 2 times per secondSize : 70*40*39mmInstallation size: 68*38mmWr..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001803005
Product Introduction: VAT series is a multi-function meter based on 2.4G wireless data transmission technology. It can measure parameters such as voltage, current, power, charge and discharge capacity, watt-hour, time, and temperature and with over-current protection, under-voltage protec..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001712003
Technical Parameters: Model: WLS-PVA200 Current measuring range: 200A Current resolution: 0.1A Power supply range: DC5~90V Voltage measuring range: DC0~300V Voltage resolution: 0.1V Capacity measuring range: 0~999AH Power measuring range: 0~999KW Electric energy measuring range: 0~999KWH ..
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