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  • Steven Salmon
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    Dear Sir

    I have purchased a UPS Switching Power Supply 13.5V 10 Power Transformers AC 110V 220V Model 4310 a few years ago and it is working fine.  Does what it should.

    I would like to know how I can use an LED to show when the UPS is operating.  I.e Power is being drawn from the Battery.

    I note that there is a a small four point white connector on the outside of the board and wondered if this has the ability to do what I want or anything else.

    I don’t expect you to send me a complete schematic but it would be useful.

    I want to mount this unit in a metal box and I think some status lights like:

    • AC power available (which is easy to do)
    • DC power available ( which is also easy to do)
    • Battery in use.  ( could do this with a simply relay operated by mains power and the Output DC through the relay contacts used to illuminate the LED/lamp but I was hoping for something more solid state.

    Also what is the C contact for.


    Thank You


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    Hello Steven Salmon,

    Would you like to offer product link so that we can confirm which item it is?

    Best regards.

    Steven Salmon
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    Hi there the model is a Power Supply 4310 .. I think it may be part number 90.947 but I am not sure.

    Steven David Salmon
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    The power supply has stopped working and I was wondering if there is any way I can get a circuit diagram for it.

    I am an electronic Technician and so fault finding with the circuit diagram should be relatively straight forward.


    The unit was great up until now.


    Thank you

    Jason Kent
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    I have a Drok Delay relay module SKU 200391. I am looking for the molex connector part number for the trigger wiring. Can anyone help?

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    The connector for trigger signal port is XH2.54 3pin

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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