-36% USB Tester Type-C Color LCD USB multimeter Multifunction Ammeter Voltage Current Meter Thermometer Battery PD Charge Power

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Technical Parameters:

  • Model: TC64
  • Measuring Voltage: 3.70~30.00V
  • Measuring Current: 0~4.000A
  • Capacity Measuring Range: 0~99999mAh
  • Energy Measuring Range: 0~99999mWh-999.99Wh
  • Power Measuring Range: 0~120W
  • Resolution Ratio of Voltage Measurement:0.01V
  • Resolution Ratio of Current Measurement: 0.001A
  • Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±(0.8% + 4 digits)
  • Current Measurement Accuracy: ±(1% + 4 digits)
  • Measuring Range of Load impedance: 1Ω-9999.9Ω
  • Temperature Measuring Range: 0℃~80℃ / 32℉~176℉
  • Working Temperature Measuring Range: 0℃~45℃ / 32℉~113℉
  • Temperature Measurement Error: ±3℃/±6℉
  • Refresh Frequency: 2Hz
  • Power-off Memory Function: When power off, it can save capacity data and energy data. It is very convenient for power bank to test capacity and energy. There are 2 sets of power-off memory function: when it's 0 data set, it will temporarily save current capacity and energy when power off, and then remind you the last data when turning on next time, when the accumulated data exceed 1mAh, the last data will be automatically cleared out, and the data should be newly accumulated; when it's first data set, it will save current capacity and energy when power off, and the data will be continually accumulated when turning on next time.
  • Measure Impedance and Power: You can get well know of the load's impedance and current discharge power so as to better master range of application of the load.
  • Freely Switching between ℃ and ℉: Adopting high-precision thermistor sensor, not only can it measure the ambient temperature (power up at the first time) but also monitor the tester's working temperature state in real time, besides, the temperature mode can be switched freely between Celsius degree (℃) and Fahrenheit degree (℉), which can meet the demand of global customers.
  • Test Charger Quality: Connecting the same load and comparing no-load condition to loading condition, if the voltage go down more greatly, it means that the charger's loading ability and quality are worse; if the voltage doesn't go down obviously or the voltage rise up, which means that its loading ability and quality are better.


  • 1. Our USB tester can test the index such as charging state, voltage, current, power for electrical appliance in real time.
  • 2. With type-c interface, the tester can be used to test quality for type-c 3C digital products like laptop, mobile phone, power bank, charger, car charger, USB cable and electronic load.
  • 3. Adopts 0.96 " IPS HD color LCD display which has wide visual angle, high brightness and long service life. No matter which angle you see from, you can see colorful and natural display.
  • 4. With wide compatibility, It supports recognition of quick charging protocol for QC2.0, QC3.0, APPLE2.4A/2.1A/0.5A, Android DCP, SAMSUNG so that you can get well know of the charging state of your phone.

Package Included:

1 x USB Multifunctional Tester

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USB Tester Type-C Color LCD USB multimeter Multifunction Ammeter Voltage Current Meter Thermometer Battery PD Charge Power

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