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  • George Chen
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    I have been very satisfied with my Drok 300043 usb multimeter. I now have a problem – for years I used output 1 to charge my smartphone, and voltage always equaled about 5v. Now, output 1 (top output) reads 10v and I am afraid it will harm my phone. If I plug my phone into output 2, (lower), voltage = about 5.0. Is output 1 really charging at 10v? Is my drok now “broken?”

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    Hello ,

    Is the output voltage 10v when no device is connected?

    If voltage is over 5.6v, decimal point will flicker. Is your like this?

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    Alan L Welsh
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    Reading the reviews here and elsewhere, port 1 is designed so that, if your device can negotiate with the power supply, it can provide more voltage, (provided the power supply can output more power.  Don’t know what would happen if you plugged another device into 2 at the same time, if that voltage would be 5 or 10??   I don’t have one yet, and I am guessing about this.  So, please confirm elsewhere.  But, this should give you a clue.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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