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    Hi there, installed AC power meter 200123, but i am not confident it is reading correctly.  The power consumption seems very low.  Two questions:

    1. Most CT’s i have seen are always directional.  I did not notice a marking on this one to indicate which way to orient it.  How do you know which way to install?

    2. There is no indication on the wiring diagram of which terminal is the red wire of the CT or which terminal is the black wire.  Which goes to which terminal on the unit, or does it matter?


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    It doesn’t need to identify  direction.  And this is connected AC circuit, there is no polarity.

    There are three kinds of power. Active Power,Reactive power and inspecting power.

    Our meter only monitor active power.

    The calculating formula for active power is P=U*I*cosφ( cosφ represents power factor). As different load have different power factor, the current and active power is also different.

    In general, Power=UI, because the  power factor of pure resistive load is closed to 1

    The power factor of inductive and capacitive loads is between 0-1.

    So when you test the pure resistive load, Power is equal to or near U*I; but when you test the inductive and capacitive loads (e.g.television,computer), Power< U*I.

    You can check the power factor   for your load.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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