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    Dear Sir,

    I bought this juntek and I must say that it does its job well, the Volt and Ampere readings are very precise, and the wireless mode is also convenient … but there are an point not good:

    I use juntek to test the capacity of my lithium battery packs, I run the discharge until the BMS inside the battery turns off the output, when this happens the juntek unit inevitably turns off, this causes the loss of memory and I lose data of my descharge
    I thought of supplying the unit with an additional voltage in addition to that of the battery) on the GND and VXT pins but there is a conflict as the battery voltage is present on these ports.

    So the only alternative is to install the relay and insert a cut-off of (minimun voltage descharge) higher than that of the BMS board inside the battery,
    but this unfortunately will not give me the total capacity of the battery

    Thank you for support

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    Hello vincenzo,

    Please check if it is this item.

    When you connect  power supply to GND and Vext ports, and jumper cap is at “3W ” side, that is  for powering item only.  VIN is connected to measured voltage.

    Best regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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