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    <div dir=”ltr”>I’m currently evalauting the module ID #2200310 and I’m facing to the following problem related to uart commands:</div>
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    <div dir=”ltr”>When the output is switched-on”, the command “awo0” reply “#wook” as expected and the set voltage (“00.70″ in my use case) is well displayed.</div>
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    <div>-> the out led still ON, the cc led still on</div>
    <div>-> the output seems switched-on. I can measure 3.45V and 0.5A at output (normal since I have a resistor load of 7Ohms)</div>
    <div>-> set voltage and current can be changed from buttons</div>
    <div>-> but, it is not possible to switch-off the output, nor by button, nor by uart command “awo0″</div>
    <div>-> the command “aro” reply “#ro00000000100” and sometimes reply “#ro00000000243″</div>
    <div>The only way to switch-off the output is to power off the module.</div>
    <div>Do you known this issue? Any clue?</div>

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    I enterred the whole format “awox + 0x0d + 0x0a”.
    The issue seems come from my terminal.
    I used a simple “Putty” tool to send bytes to the module.
    With a “Realterm” tool, it is more easier and is working fine.
    Therefore we can close the topic.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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