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    Your instructions are “zhenda bu hao”…so bad I am ready to return the device if I do not get a real answer.

    1. It appears the only protective function is if I have an SPST relay in place? yes or no?

    2.  The relay would need to be 12V 100amp? and placed on the ground end, between battery and load?  please specify

    3.  In a 12V configuration the jumber remains in J3 position? yes or no.

    4. Specifically, what is relay position 86 connected to? and what is 85 connected to on the hall sensor?

    5. Is relay position 30 on the negative battery side and 87 on the negative load side?

    6. Does anything need to be connected to the Vext positive and negative terminals.

    If any questions are unclear please post an answer to what terminal connections are required on the hall sensor.

    Give me an answer and I will post this on amazon and make a youtube video to save you the trouble.

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    Thanks for your message.
    As per your information, we think the item should be 200219
    1.Without relay, it can’t turn on or close the output from battery to load, so all of protections only work when with relay.
    2. Please kindly notice it doesn’t have requirement on relay specification.
    Relay working voltage matches the independent power supply voltage(DC 10-60v). If you connect 12v relay, the independent power supply connected to “Vext” must be 12v. The imaginary line in wiring diagram only indicates you need to control output with relay. For different relays, the connection of control terminal may be different, please refer to specific connection of your relay.

    3. Jumper cap in J3 position means you need to offer independent power supply.
    4. We are sorry we are not sure what the numbers 86,85, 30 means. It would be appreciated if you can tell us more details.
    5. Regarding to Vext terminal, please refer to the second response. This is used to power the meter separately.

    With independent power supply, you can measure DC0-90V. Oherwise it can only read 12-90V.

    Best regards.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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