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    I’m using the buck converter as a step down from a 20v de Walt battery to all my motorcycle accessories, in a system I have wired. Without any load applied to the system, voltage reads good at 12.15 what I have set it to and amperage at 0.00

    Once any load is applied, the voltage drops to around 0.80 and the amperage will rise up to a normal amount at whatever it is set to.

    I have tried several different troubleshooting methods, I am using a simple voltage indicator that when connected to a positive and negative, it will shine a light. When connected to the leads that go into the converter, the light shines bright. When connected to the output leads from the board the light doesn’t even come on.

    I am pretty new to this type of stuff so this could be a simple fix and I would never know. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Hello Will,

    Would you like to offer product link or SKU number so that we can confirm which item it is?

    And do you want to eliminate voltage drop?

    No matter which converter it is, due to increased resistance in a circuit, there will be voltage drop, typically caused by an increase load, lead wire, or other components.

    You can try to lower voltage drop, but it is hard to eliminate that completely.

    Best regards.

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    Hi Mark, thanks for the reply.

    The manufacturer part number is 091029US.

    my goal in using the product is to power the accessories on my motorcycle with a Dewalt 20V battery and this did work at the start. I had the input voltage reading at around 20V and the Output at around 12.5V which powered all the accessories just fine and worked well. About after a day of testing (no driving just bench test) I noticed that nothing seemed to work anymore. After further investigation I found that there is something disrupted in between the negative in and out. When I connect a light to the positive out terminal and the negative in it works fine but as soon as I connect the light to the negative out the light no longer works and the voltage drops all the way down to about .85V

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    Hello Will,

    Did you connect input negative and output negative together before?  Would you like to show how it is  by video?

    We can check it more carefully in that way. You can share a video link or send attachment to

    Best regards,



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