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  • Paolo Mariotti
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    I need an Ammeter to control the charge ( from Photovoltaic Module or Alternator or Battery Charger) or discharge ( to the various Loads ) of the main battery of my boat.
    Model ” DROK® Voltmeter Ammeter Volt Amp Multimeter DC 4.5-30V 100A Voltage Currenr Monitor Ampere Voltage Combo Testing Meter Gauge V/A Panel Meter for Car Auto Motocycle Battery Power Indoor Outdoor Red/Blue Dual LED Display with Current Shunt” is Suitable?
    This model is able to distinguish negative to positive current ( i.e. charge to discharge)? or you suggest an other item.
    Do you have also advices for the wiring ( apart the wiring diagram on the brochure).

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    Hi, thanks for your message. but this meter cannot measure negative current. this Voltmeter Current Meter can meet your requirement.

    Here is the DROK DC Voltmeter Ammeter Dual Display, you can choose the meter according to your requirements.

    Any other questions, don’t hesitate to write back to us.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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