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Motor Controller

Brand: Drok Model: 180056
It is a L298N Control Module Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module, Drive Terminal Power Supply: +5V~+25V, Applied to Arduino/ Robot/ Smart Car etc Dual H Bridge DC Stepper Motor Drive Controller Board Module L298N Driver: L298N Dual H Bridge DC Motor Driver IC Par..
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Brand: Drok Model: 300429
It is a 1000W DC Motor Speed Regulator/Adjustable Speed Controller/PWM Regulator, Voltage range: DC 6 ~ 90V (cannot be used in AC), Current range: Rated current 8A, PWM frequency: 16kHz, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Especially S..
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Brand: Drok Model: 180045
It is a Audio Switch Converter Volume Control, Plug your headset into a jack on the side of this audio switching, then the black cord connects to your speakers, the green one connects to your computer and the red one connects to microphone jack on your computer. The entire top of the Wire Controller..
Brand: Drok Model: 200511
Parameters :Rated Current: 5A Gator Clip Length: 1.4 inch/35mm Gator Clip Opening range: 7.5mmGator Clip Thickness: 0.3mmFeatures:Great for Tech School students to make test leads, solder in-line fuse holders; electronic projects; HVAC system; test bench; fire alarm system troubleshoo..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001712007
Parameters: Output channel: 2 channel Operating voltage: DC 7.5~40V Sustained current: 2.5A Peak current of each channel: 3.5A Rated output power of each channel for reference: (12V) 30W, (40V) 60W Voltage of signal control: DC 3~5V Current of signal control in each channel: 2~5mA Supporti..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001712008
Parameters: Output channel: 2-way Working voltage: DC 5~48V Max. current: 16A Each channel peak current: 30A Each channel output rated power: (12V power supply) 96W; (48V power supply) 288W Control signal voltage: 3~5V Each channel control signal current: 2~10MA Support PWM frequency range..
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Brand: Drok Model: 200382
Features: 1. It is designed with LCD display, can clearly display the frequency and duty cycle value. PWM output can be set the frequency and duty cycle value separately 2. Wide frequency range and high precision. 3. Support serial communication Module Instruction: PWM output can be ..
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Brand: Drok Model: 2001712013
Parameters: Working voltage: DC10~-50V Control power: 0.01~3000W Max. rated current: 60A Different working voltage corresponding to different control power: 12V: 12V*60A =720W 24V: 24V*60A =1440W 36V: 36V*60A =2160W 40 V: 40V*60A =2400W 50V: 50V*60A =3000W Quiescent current: 0.04A (..
Brand: Drok Model: 200350
Product Highlights: 1.LCD Display, can clearly and directly show the current mode and parameters. 2.Opt coupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability, and industrial grade circuit board. 3.Support high & low level trigger, switching value control; apply for most of occasions. 4.Wide ..
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