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Brand: Drok Model: 300477
It is a Current Shunt Resistor, Product name: 100A 100mV shunt, Voltage drop: 100mV, Suitable for Digital Ammeter Amperimetro AMP Ampere Wattmeter. ong>Product Parameters: Product name: 100A 100mV shunt Accuracy level: 0.5 Working temperature: -40 to +60℃, relative hum..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001710012
It is Double Ended Crocodile Clamp/Alligator Clips, Cable length: 50cm, Working current: 8A, Characterized by flexible, anti-Acid and Alkali, foldable, it will bring you more convenience during using. Mainly used in electric circuit, automotive, and battery-powered projects; will a best smart choice..
Brand: Drok Model: 090956
It's a Signal Generator,Output wave forms:Sine wave,Square wave,Triangle wave,With communication function, can connect the PC to control,applicable to laboratories and are used by engineering technicians and enthusiasts. Instrument introduction: This signal generators based on direct..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001710011
It is Alligator Clips/Crocodile Clamps, Rated current: 10A, Thickness of clip: 0.5mm or so. Mainly used in electric circuit, automotive, and battery-powered projects; will a best smart choice for electric engineer and electric DIY lover. Specifications: Thicken copper crocodile clip + th..
Brand: Drok Model: 200128
It is a AC 110V Digital Counter With Cumulative function, Operating Voltage: AC 110V, Counting range: 0~999999, small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Application:Garage/industry/mechanism/food/printing assembly line etc Parameter: ..
Brand: Drok Model: 200203
It is a Trigger switch/PWM control switch board, Operating voltage: DC 5V ~ 36V, Output current: 15A, Output power: 400W, Application: High Power equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valve; can input PWM to control motor speed or lamp brightness. Module H..
Brand: Drok Model: 300478
It is a Shunt Resistors/Ammeter Shunt, Product name: 50A 50mV shunt, Voltage drop: 50mV, Suitable for Digital Ammeter Amperimetro AMP Ampere Wattmeter Product Parameters: Product name: 50A 50mV shunt Accuracy: + / - 0.5% Working temperature: -40 to +60℃, relative humi..
Brand: Drok Model: 200225
It is a Alligator Clip With both USB male and female turn head alligator clip test lines. Applications:Suitable for Multimeter/Voltmeter/ Ammeter /Capacity Meter/Power Meter/Monitor Panel Meter or other usage. Description: Well designed with both USB male and female turn head alligator ..
Brand: Drok Model: 080077
It is a White Portable Night Light, Rechargeable Battery Capacity: 600mA, LED Life: more than 30,000 hours, Sensor Sensitivity Distance: 3 meters Maximum, Applications:Suitable for wardrobe, cupboard, wine cabinet, shoe box and etc. Also can be hung on wall as a night lamp and door lamp. ..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001709005
It is a Signal Generator/PWM Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Adjustable Module, Working voltage: DC3.3 ~ 30V; Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz; Application: motor driver, MCU, PWM dimming speed and other applications. Parameters: 1. Working voltage: DC3.3 ~ 30V; 2. Frequency range: 1Hz..
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Brand: Drok Model: 200222
It is a SIM800 Module Development Board, Wide input voltage range: DC 5 ~ 15V, usually 5V is suggested. Supports SMS,MMS and the GPRS connection, This board is  SMA antenna interface with Audio interface. Product Information: QL800 module supports SMS,MMS and the GPRS connection and its ..
Brand: Drok Model: 300427
It is a Tester/Multifunction Transistor Checker, Voltage supply: DC 9V Battery 6F22 (NOT Included), Suitable for inductors,resistors,capacitors,diodes,dual-diodes,capacitor ESR,SCR,MOS Measurement Features: Color screen 1.8" LCD display,128*160 resolution Automatic identificati..
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