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Motor Controller

Brand: Drok Model: 090496
It is a 100W Adjustable SCR AC 220V Voltage Regulator ,Voltage Range :AC 220V,It has small size, high efficiency, easy installation and use. Application to the motor speed,dimming, voltage, temperature control and DIY ect . Feature: Woking Voltage: AC 220V Maximum Power: 100W (..
$4.20 $7.30
Brand: Drok Model: 090456
It is a Two-way Super Power SCR, the highest up to 7000W, AC voltage 220V, high power and heat strong, it very suitable for water heater, lighting, motor, electric wire, Boiler heating, Electric tool, motor control, electric iron etc Feature: Working Voltage: AC 110V ..
$18.50 $35.00
Brand: Drok Model: 2001710013
It is a 15W Motor Driver/Brushless Controller/Speed Control switch, Operating voltage: DC 5~12V(limit 15V), Operating current: continuous 1.5A (peak 2A),  Suitable for Motor/Hard etc. Parameters: Operating voltage: DC 5~12V(limit 15V) Operating current: continuous 1.5A (peak 2A..
$5.23 $13.50
Brand: Drok Model: 200206
It is a DC Motor Driver Module/Dual H-bridge Motor Controller, Power supply voltage 6.5V ~ 27V,  rated output current of each port is 7A, total output power is 160W. with under voltage protection to prevent instantaneous large current from damaging the module. Feature: DC motor controll..
$10.89 $25.50
Brand: Drok Model: 300374
It is a Nema 23 57 Stepper Motor Fixed Seat , Material: Steel, Thickness: 3mm, Applicable for 3d printer etc Product Parameters: Material: Steel Thickness: 3mm Package Includes: 2 x 57 Stepper Motor Mounting Bracket..
$3.20 $22.50
Brand: Drok Model: 300460
It is a 5 Meters Synchronous Belt, Width: 6mm, Pitch: 2.032mm, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for 3D printer; motorized camera slider; belt sander; dishwasher; packing machinery; motorcycle; vehicle; mining equipment; dry..
$13.50 $35.50
Brand: Drok Model: 2001712009
It is a 350W Three-phrase Brushless Motor Driver/PWM Control Module, Operation voltage range: DC6.5-50V, Max output current: 16A, The highest rotating speed: 10000~15000 revolutions, Application: Suitable for Balanced Car/ E-bike / E-scooter / electric bicycle/Hard etc Parameters: Operation ..
$16.75 $25.50
Brand: Drok Model: 090475
It is a 3W Power Supply Module/Dimmer/Dimming Controller, The Recommended Input voltage: 24V DC, Output voltage: 1.2V~28V DC, It has small size, high efficiency, easy installation and use. Feature: LED Driver Module Cutting Size: 26mm x 15mm Limit of input voltage:  ..
$3.50 $6.20
Brand: Drok Model: 090649
It is a Motor Speed Controller/Speed Regulator/PWM Stepless Speed Control Module, Operating voltage: DC 7V~60V, Output current: 20A Max, Control power: 0~480W, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use . Especially Suitable for regulation of ..
$7.50 $11.50
Brand: Drok Model: 200216
It is a PWM Controller/DC Motor Speed Regulator, Working voltage: DC 4V ~ 60V, Max Output current: 10A, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use. Application: High Power equipment, motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro-pumps, sol..
$4.20 $13.50
Brand: Drok Model: 090478
The 1100W AC 220V To 0-55V Ultra-high-Power Electronic Regulator Thermostat Dimmer Speed Control Ultra-high-Power Electronic Regulator Particularly suited to drive low-voltage electric wire heating, Cutting styrofoam, EPE, Raincoat production etc Feature: Working Voltage: AC 220V ..
Brand: Drok Model: 072320
It is a Ultra Quiet Brushless Motor Micro Pump/Solar Water Pump/Booster Pump, Rated Voltage: 12V DC, Rated Current: 0.7A, Max Flow Rate: 8L/Min, Application:  Available for Fish Tank, Garden, Aquarium, Pond Pool, Garden, Fountain, refrigeration, water circulation, solar collector, water heater,..
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