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AC Voltmeter

Brand: Drok Model: 2001712006
Technical Parameters:Accuracy: 1%2digitsMeasurement Range: AC Voltage: 80-150VDC Voltage: 0-99.9VDisplay:DC voltage show with green 0.39-inch LEDAC voltage show with red 0.39-inch LEDPower supply power: < 0.5VAMeasurement rate: about 2 times per secondSize : 70*40*39mmInstallation size: 68*38mmWr..
$10.55 $15.99
Brand: Drok Model: 200376
Descriptions:1. The module designed for measuring the ac voltage by connecting to the switch plug directly or the other kind of switch plug.2. It is suitable for measuring the AC voltage in many place, such as office, factory, laboratory, household and so on.3. You can use this item to monitor volta..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001712010
Parameters: Voltage measuring range: AC 60.00~500.00V Voltage resolution: <100V: 0.01V; >100V: 0.1V Current measuring range: AC 0.000~20.00A Current resolution: <10A: 0.001A; >10A: 0.01A Active power: 00.0~9999kw Active Power resolution: 00.0~999.9W:0.1W; 1000~9999W:1W; 010.0 KW~..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001712001
Parameters: Displaying method: LED digital tube Measuring range: AC 80~300V Working power supply: no need to connect extra power supply  (Just connect it to your appliance with two wires as requested, it will work.) Measuring accuracy: 0.5%±2 digit Dimension: 45*45*35mm Diameter of ..
Brand: Drok Model: 200340
Description: AD16-22DSA series indicators light are source with LED luminescent chip. It has the advantage of long life, low consumption, small size and light weight. And it‘s the replacement products of all kinds of XD incandescent lamps and neon bulb lamps. The lampshade is made of high..
Brand: Drok Model: 2001712011
Features: This instrument is widely used in voltage stabilizer, distribution cabinet, distribution box, timing device, transformer substation and all grid equipment meter. The stability of the product is good, has the features of high measuring precision, high anti-interference ability. Ado..
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