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DC Power Supply

Brand: Drok Model: 090637
It's a DC Boost-buck Converter,Input voltage: DC 5.0-25V,Output voltage: DC 0.5V-25V (adjustable),Input / Output Power: 25W (max).Easy to use, simple to install. Product parameters: Input voltage: DC 5.0-25V Output voltage: DC 0.5V-25V (adjustable) Contin..
Brand: Drok Model: 200167
It is a 180W Car Converter/Power Adapter/Voltage Regulator, Input Voltage: DC 60V(20V~72V), Output Voltage: DC 12V, Output Current: 15A,  It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use. Application: Motors, audio, monitor, LED car display, air con..
Brand: Drok Model: 200324
It is a 250W Adjustable Voltage Regulator/Power Supply Modul, Input voltage range:  DC6~55V, Output voltage range:  0V~50V, Output current: 0~5A, This constant voltage and constant current programmable control power supply module has many advantages, small size, advanced function, good visual effect..
Brand: Drok Model: 090220
It's a Light Control Switch,Working Voltage: DC 5V~18V,Workting Mode:Day Off, Night Work,Can be used for the equipments that' power is  less than 30W. Features: Color of Housing: White Dimensions:49x27x15mm Working Volta..
Brand: Drok Model: 090417
It is a Buck Voltage Regulator/Adapter/Power Converter/Driver Module, Input Voltage: DC 4V~40V, Output Voltage: DC 1.5V~35V adjustable, Output Current: 3A maximum , Application: DIY Power adapter/Charger, industrial equipments, electronic equipment, Communications Equipment, Power Tools, Car Driving..
Brand: Drok Model: 091051
It is a 120W Power Supply Module/Car Converter/Adapter, Input Voltage: DC 36V(wide range 24V~60V), Output Voltage: DC 12V, Output Current: 10A/20A(max), small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for Car Converter/Adapter,  electronic equip..
Brand: Drok Model: 090461
Feature: Input: 4.5-24V Output: 1-20V ( Buck Mode, the input voltage must be 2V higher than Output voltage) Output current: 2A continuous output Output power: the maximum 20W Ammeter: 0.00-2.00A ( Display output current only) Voltmeter: Display Input 4.5-24V, Output 1-20V Display Co..
Brand: Drok Model: 090476
The DC car laptop notebook boost converter, wide voltage, the voltage range of 4.5V-32V to 5V-42V, it has short circuit and over-temperature protection. It very suitable for battery, power transformer, diy adjustable power supply ect. Feature: Module: 4A step-up version Module properties: ..
Brand: Drok Model: 090011
This is a non-isolated step-down module, input voltage 5.5~32V, adjustable output voltage :1~27V, the minimum pressure 2V, it has a small, anti-interference ability, high efficiency (up to 92%), long-term stability, quality, reliable, easy to install and use, suitable for industrial control, electri..
Brand: Drok Model: 180051
It is 30WAdjustable Power Supply Module +Voltage Current Monitor, Input voltage range: DC 5~32V (not to over 32V, or it will be damaged),Output voltage range: DC 0~30.0V (step-down mode, the input must be 1V higher than output), Output Current: 0~5A (over 2A should enhance heat dissipation), small s..
Brand: Drok Model: 091029
It is a DC 5~36V to 1.25~32V 5A 75W Constant Voltage Constant Current Power Adapter/Adjustable Voltage Regulator/USB Charger/Switch Power Supply + Voltmeter, Max Output current 5A, Output Power 75W, Applicable LCD TV /Advertising screen/Monitoring System /LED lights /Fan /Mobile phone Adapter /Lapto..
Brand: Drok Model: 090598
The DC boost converter, waterproof, overvoltage and overcurrent, input voltage range from 10-20V, output voltage 24V, conversion efficiency above 90%, heat is very low, it is very good for car power converter. Specifications: Input voltage: DC 12V (10-22V) Output voltage: 24V Output Curre..
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