-30% Digital Temp Power Voltage Current Multimeter -55℃-110℃/99.9W/33V/3A  Red+Green

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It is a Red+Green LED Temp Power Volt Current Multimeter,Power Supply: 3.5-28V DC 12V,Temperature range: -55 °c - 110 °c (resolution 0.1 °c),Power meter range: DC 0.0-99.9W (resolution 0.1W),Voltage range: DC 0.00-33.00V (resolution 0.01V),Current meter range: automatic precision variable DC 0-999.9mA-3.000A.

Technical parameters:

  • Accuracy: ± (0.3% +2 digits)
  • Refresh rate: about 200ms / times
  • Display: 0.28-inch 4 digit dual LED digital tube
  • Display Color: Red+Green
  • Dimensions: 48 * 29 * 21 mm Cutting size:45mm*26 mm
  • Power Supply: 3.5-28V DC 12V
  • Temperature range: -55 °c - 110 °c (resolution 0.1 °c)
  • Power meter range: DC 0.0-99.9W (resolution 0.1W)
  • Voltage range: DC 0.00-33.00V (resolution 0.01V)
  • Current meter range: automatic precision variable DC 0-999.9mA-3.000A

Display and operating instructions:

  • Voltage Current Meter Mode: The default mode voltage current meter.
  • Top of the display is the measured voltage, below is the measured current. When measuring current, the power from the measuring circuit.
  • Thermometer power meter mode: press the switch again to switch to the thermometer power meter mode
  • Top of the display is the measured temperature, displays *** C; below is the measured power, displays *** P. Without 18B20 chip, it displays -N-C; When the temperature exceeds the range, it displays --- C; If the power out of range, it displays --- P.
  • Alternate display mode: press switch once again, the two display mode will alternately change (press again to return to the voltage current meter mode)
  • State memory mode: Long press the switch more than 1s, the device will set the current display mode as the default boot mode.

  • Red thin wire (VCC): power supply+
  • Note: If the measured signal is lower than 28V and have abundant power supply, can be directly used as a power supply module (the thin yellow line and the thin red line parallel use)
  • Black thin wire(GND): power supply -, Measurement signal -
  • Yellow thin wire (VIN): Measurement signal+
  • Red thick wire (I+):Current input+ (connect with load negative)
  • Black thin wire(I-):Current input-(in series in power supply negative)

Package include:

  • 1x Temp Power Volt Current Multimeter
  • 1x 18B20 temperature sensor with 1M wire

input voltage3.5~28V
output current0~3A
output power0~100W
output voltage0~33V
output ways1

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Digital Temp Power Voltage Current Multimeter -55℃-110℃/99.9W/33V/3A Red+Green

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