-33%  Adjustable Buck Boost Converter Board DC 5.5-30V to 0.5-30V 4A High Power Supply Regulator with Case LCD Display

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-- Input voltage: DC 5.5-30V (If input voltage lower than 5V, it can achieve buck/boost, but the measured voltage and current value will be inaccurate. When input voltage lower than 4.7V, it will trigger under-voltage protection).

-- Output voltage: DC 0.5-30V

-- Output current: 4A for long-term working

-- Output power: 35W

-- Voltage display resolution: 0.01V

-- Voltage accuracy: 1%

-- Current display resolution: 0.001A

-- Current accuracy: 1%

-- Conversion efficiency: about 88%

-- Soft start: YES (maybe invalid when starting with high-power load)

-- Working frequency: 180kHz

-- Size: 72*59*32mm


1. PARAMETER --- buck boost converter, input voltage range 5.5-30V; output voltage range 0.5-30V; working current 4A; power 35W.

2. APPLICATION --- as a normal buck boost converter module with over-current protection; as a battery charger; as a high-power LED constant current driver module, etc.

3. PROTECTION --- soft start; input reverse connection protection; output anti-backflow protection; short-circuit protection; over-current protection; over-power protection; over-temperature protection.

4. DISPLAY --- clear LCD screen displays input voltage, output voltage, temperature, output current & output power (switched by button).

5. OTHER FEATURES --- with buttons to switch displayed parameter & set output ON/OFF; with CC & CV potentiometer; with protective case (needs to be manually assembled); with LC filter.


1) Soft start;

2)Input reverse connection protection

3)Output anti-backflow protection

4)Short-circuit protection

5)Over-current protection

6)Over-power protection

7)Over-temperature protection


1. IN/OUT button:

--- Short press: switch to display input voltage/output voltage/module temperature.

--- Long press: switch to display output current/output power.

2. ON/OFF button:

--- Short press: control output ON/OFF.

--- Long press: set output default ON/OFF when powered on.

Package Included:

1x Buck Boost Board

input voltage5.5~30V
output current4A
output power35W
output voltage0.5~30V

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Adjustable Buck Boost Converter Board DC 5.5-30V to 0.5-30V 4A High Power Supply Regulator with Case LCD Display

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