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Brand: Drok Model: 100284
It is a Green LED Display DC0 ~ 300V Digital Voltmeter,3.3 ~ 30V Powered,Accuracy: 1% (± 1 word),high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality, easy installation and use. Can be used to All kinds Voltage Measuring.  Technical parameters: Operating voltage: 3.3 ~ 30..
$4.14 $8.90
Brand: Drok Model: 300482
It is a Signal Generator/Adjustable Current Voltage Analog Simulator, Working voltage: DC24V, Output signal: 0 ~20mA or 0 ~10V, Wide Application: the product can be used: signal sources, valve adjustment, frequency converter controlling, PLC testing, panel testing, LED testing, simulating the output..
$17.35 $26.99
Brand: Drok Model: 300477
It is a Current Shunt Resistor, Product name: 100A 100mV shunt, Voltage drop: 100mV, Suitable for Digital Ammeter Amperimetro AMP Ampere Wattmeter. ong>Product Parameters: Product name: 100A 100mV shunt Accuracy level: 0.5 Working temperature: -40 to +60℃, relative hum..
$4.50 $19.50
Brand: Drok Model: 090915
It's a 100A/75mV Shunt,Length: 20.9cm,Shunt Main By Manganese copper And Copper connectors Welding Constitute And In Shunt Both ends Connector Have Two groups Wiring End. Application to the Power Cord and Measuring instruments Connection.   Feature: Model: 100A/75m..
$4.19 $9.75
Brand: Drok Model: 100032
It is a Red LED Ampere Meter With Current Shunt Resistor,Measurement Range:DC 0-100A,Power Supply:DC 5V,small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use. Application: Battery ,Motorcycle, Car, E-bike, ATV, Scooter, and And other platforms circuit Current m..
$10.71 $15.30
Brand: Drok Model: 2001709004
It is a 100W Switching Power Supply/Adapter/Power Converter, Input Voltage: AC110/220V ±15%, Output Voltage: DC12V, Output Current: 8.5A max, Application: Widely used in light strips, LED billboards, LED display, Luminous characters, monitoring and so on. Parameters: Input Voltage: AC110..
$9.79 $22.50
Brand: Drok Model: 090404
It is a 100W Power Supply Module/Power Converter/Adapter, Input Voltage: DC 5~32V, Output voltage: DC 12~35V (adjustable), Output current range: 0.5~5A (100W MAX) (continuously adjustable), Application: DIY Power adapter/Charger, industrial equipments, electronic equipment, Communications Equipment,..
$13.50 $21.00
Brand: Drok Model: 090496
It is a 100W Adjustable SCR AC 220V Voltage Regulator ,Voltage Range :AC 220V,It has small size, high efficiency, easy installation and use. Application to the motor speed,dimming, voltage, temperature control and DIY ect . Feature: Woking Voltage: AC 220V Maximum Power: 100W (..
$4.20 $7.30
Brand: Drok Model: 2001709003
It is a 100W Power Supply Module/Adjustable Voltage Regulator/Adapter, Input Voltage: 10~32VDC, Output Voltage: 15~35VDC, Output Current: 6A max. Application:Suitable for DIY an adjustable voltage regulated power supply, Industrial equipment Voltage convert, Power Supply Transformers, Laptop Power S..
$8.05 $13.99
Brand: Drok Model: 090030
It is a 100W Adjustable Voltage Regulator/Adapter/Power Supply Module, Input Voltage: DC 3~35V, Output Voltage: DC 3.5V~35V ( Adjustable,Booster, output voltage>= input voltage), Output Current: 6A (Max.), Application: Power adapter, industrial equipments, electronic equipment, Communications Equipm..
$11.80 $21.00
Brand: Drok Model: 090468
It is a 100W Charger/Adapter/Power Supply Module, Input Voltage: DC 5.5~28V (input voltage must be 2V higher than output voltage.), Output Voltage: DC 0.6~25V (Adjustable), Output Current: Rated 6A, Application: DIY Power adapter/Charger, industrial equipments, electronic equipment, Communications E..
$17.50 $28.00
Brand: Drok Model: 090072
The DC buck converter, waterproof, overvoltage and overcurrent, input voltage range DC12V/24V (wide voltage 10V-35V), output voltage DC 5V, conversion efficiency above 90%, heat is very low, it used to:LED display, toy cars, motors, audio, navigation, surveillance, air conditioning, electric fans, s..
$13.59 $25.84
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