-40% DC Boost Voltage Converter 200W 8-40V to 9-60V 12A Adjustable Voltage Regulator Step Up Board with Aluminum Shell

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Type:non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)

Input voltage range: DC 8-40V 

Output voltage range: DC 9-60V continuously adjustable

Input current: 10A

Static working current: 20mA

Output current: 10A

Output power:100W

Working temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius

Operating frequency: 110KHz

Conversion efficiency: up to 96%

Short circuit protection: 20A fuse


  • Parameter ---- Input voltage: 8-40V; Output voltage: 9-60V continuously adjustable (cannot be used for charging); Input current: 20A (MAX) long-term use within 10A is recommended; Output current: 12A (max); Output power: within 100W, enhanced heat dissipation can reach up to 200W.
  • Easy to Mount ---- This voltage up converter is wired by high current terminals without welding. IN+ is input positive, IN- is input negative, OUT+ is output positive, OUT- is output negative. More convenient to use it.
  • Protection ---- The step-up power regulator is designed with 20A fuse for the short-circuit protection.
  • Aluminum Shell ---- The adjustable voltage transformer is equipped with an aluminum shell which helps protect the module. NOTE: Do not dismantle or modify it. And the module dissipates heat through the shell, so it is normal that the shell has a certain amount of heat. If you need more power, please strengthen the heat dissipation. It is expected to reach 200W.
  • NOTE ---- This power module is a DC boost power supply. The voltage can only rise but not fall. The output voltage should always be greater than or equal to the input voltage, and the input power must be greater than the output power.


1.The applicable range of input voltage is 8-40V, when the input voltage is below 10V, please connect low voltage input shorting pad. 

2.The constant voltage booster board can not be used for charging. 

3.When 12v converts to 24V, the higher the output voltage is, the higher the static current will be. If lower static current is needed, work indicator can be canceled. If working for a long time, please leave allowance to pay attention to temperature rise and make good heat dissipation.

Package Includes:

1 x Boost Converter Module

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DC Boost Voltage Converter 200W 8-40V to 9-60V 12A Adjustable Voltage Regulator Step Up Board with Aluminum Shell

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