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-33% DC Boost Voltage Regulator DC 3.5V-30V to 3.5V-30V 6A 100W Adjustable Converter with Red LED Voltmeter

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The is LTC1871 Red LED Adjustable Boost Converter,Input Voltage DC 3.5V-30V,Output Voltage DC 3.5V-30V,with voltmeter display, maximum output power 100W and output current 6A. It has Reverse polarity protection, small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use . Application: industrial equipments, electronic equipment,Power Supply ,and DIY etc.


  • Dimensions: 67x42x18 mm (L*W*H)
  • Input voltage: DC 3.5V-30V
  • Output voltage: DC 3.5V-30V (boost,input voltage < or = output voltage)
  • Continuous current: 6A (long-term work)
  • Maximum input current: 10A (peak)
  • Output power: Max 100W, (U-in * I-in * Efficiency = U-out * I-out)
  • Voltmeter display color: Red
  • Voltmeter accuracy: ± (0.5%+1 digit)
  • Static power consumption: typically around 15ma
  • LED indicator:Have
  • Anti-reverse protection: Have
  • IN+: Positive input
  • IN-: Negative input
  • OUT+: Positive output
  • OUT-: Negative output

Stop Working Mode:

  • Press the button up to 4 seconds until the LED display off. release the switch, the LED indicator lighting, and the module do not have memory function,
  • Press thr switch again, the module will work normal

Module will automatic memory Current work status as boost status, please check below memory mode:

  • [0] Default Boot display output voltage
  • [1] Default Boot display input voltage
  • [2] Default Boot display input and output voltage alternately

Package included:

  • 1 x LTC1871 Boost Power Converter+Voltmeter Display
input voltage3.5~30V
output current6A
output power100W
output voltage3.5~30V
output ways1

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DC Boost Voltage Regulator DC 3.5V-30V to 3.5V-30V 6A 100W Adjustable Converter with Red LED Voltmeter

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