-50% Time Delay Relay, Relay Switch DC6V~30V LCD Multifunction Digital Motor Controller Delay power cut/break/Trigger delay/Cycle timing circuit Relay Module

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Product Highlights:

  • 1.LCD Display, can clearly and directly show the current mode and parameters.
  • 2.Opt coupler isolation, strong anti-interference ability, and industrial grade circuit board.
  • 3.Support high & low level trigger, switching value control; apply for most of occasions.
  • 4.Wide input voltage range (6~30V), also supports micro USB 5.0V power supply. It is convenient to use.
  • 5.Support UART data upload and parameters setting.
  • 6.Stop button to be provided emergency stop function, with reserve protection which it will not be burned under the condition of reserving.
  • 7.Sleep mode: Without any operation within 5 minutes will close automatically the LCD backlight. Any button can wake up.
  • 8.OP/CL/LOP parameters can be modified and saved, and they are individual.
  • 9.All setting parameters are automatically saved by power-fail.

Product Parameters:

  • Working voltage: 6V~30V, support micro USB 5.0 V power supply
  • Working current: 50mA.
  • Static Current: 15mA
  • Max. Output load: DC 30V 5A and AC 220V 5A.
  • Trigger signal source: High level trigger (3.0V~24.0V), low level trigger (0.0V ~0.2V), switching value control (Potential free contact)
  • Service life: more than 100,000 times
  • Working temperature: -40 ~ 85 °c

Parameter Settings:

  • a) Long press SET to enter the setting interface;
  • b) Set the working mode, work mode flashes remind, set the working mode by pressing UP / DOWN;
  • c) Short press SET to select the working mode and enter the system parameter settings.
  • d) In the system parameter setting interface, short press SET to switch the system parameters to be modified, and short press / long press UP/DOWN to modify. (Note: Short press SET in P-1~P-3, P-7 modes is invalid)
  • e) In the OP/CL parameter modification interface, short press STOP to switch the timer unit (1s/0.1s/0.01s/1min);
  • f) After all parameters are completed, long press SET to save the parameter settings and exit the setting interface。

Additional Functions:

  • a)Automatically hibernation function/ Low power function: In the running interface, long press STOP to open or close automatically sleep function . (L-P selects ON to start the hibernation function, and OFF turns off the hibernation function);
  • b)Relay function selection: In the operation interface, shortly press STOP, the relay function is started or closed, 'ON' meets the conduction condition and the relay normally turns on, 'OFF' meets the conduction condition and the relay does not turn on; In the 'OFF' state, the system flashes 'OUT'.
  • c)Parameters view: In the operation interface, short press SET to display the current parameter setting in the system, without affecting the system normal operation.
  • d)Display content switching: In P-5 P-6 mode, switch display content (run time/cycle times) by pressing DOWN.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Relay module ( Relay Control Switch/Controller )

input voltage6V~30V
output current5A
output voltage30V
output ways1

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Time Delay Relay, Relay Switch DC6V~30V LCD Multifunction Digital Motor Controller Delay power cut/break/Trigger delay/Cycle timing circuit Relay Module

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