-36% Adjustable USB Power Module DC5V to 3.3V 9V 12V 24V Buck Boost Converter Battery Voltage Current LCD Tester Meter

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Power Output Mode (PER):

Input voltage: DC 3.5V~12V

Output voltage: DC 1.2V~24V

Output power: 3W max

- Max output power within 2W when outputs 1.2V~2V;

- Max output power within 3W when outputs 2V~20V;

- Max output power within 2.5W when outputs 20V~24V.

Output voltage accuracy: +/- (0.5% + 1 digit)

Output current accuracy: +/- (1% +2 digits)

Multimeter Mode (VAH):

Measuring voltage range: 0-35V

Measuring current range: 0-3A

Measuring power range: 0-110W

Measuring battery capacity range: 0-9999Ah

Discharging time: 0-100h

Work Temperature: -40℃~85℃

Work Humidity: 0%~95%RH


1. DUAL PURPOSE --- This meter can be used as a adjustable buck boost power supply module (PER mode) as well as a multi-function voltage current meter (VAH mode).

2. PER MODE --- when at PER work mode, it can convert DC 3.5V~12V to DC 1.2V~24V, and the power is 2W~3W.

3. VAH MODE --- when at VAH mode, it can be used as a multi-function voltage ammeter. It can be used to measure voltage, current, power, battery capacity and discharging time.

4. APPLICATION --- suitable for technical engineers to develop, debug instrumentation; aftersale engineers travel maintenance.

5. FEATURES --- dual operating systems; LCD high definition display; multi-parameter simultaneously display; over-power protection; 3 voltage input methods; power-off data saving; parameter calibration.


Two Working Mode:

1. Power Output Mode (PER) --- convert 3.5V~12V to 1.2V~24V.

2. Multimeter Mode (VAH) --- measure voltage, amperage, power, battery capacity and discharging time.


1. As USB buck converter & boost converter

2. As voltmeter

3. As ammeter

4. As power meter

5. As battery capacity tester meter

6. As battery load capacity detector

Using step:

1. Connect to power supply from input terminal;

2. Set work mode by keep pressing 'ON/OFF' for 10s;

3. Connect load or Device Voltage;

4. Rotate potentiometer to change output voltage if work in PER mode;

5. Short press 'ON/OFF' to switch displayed parameter;

6. Test and use.


1. No reverse connection protection. Do not short circuit and reverse.

2. Adjust the working mode before using.

3. USB port can only input DC 5V. Need to input power from 'VIN+' and 'VIN-' if input 3. 5V-12V.

Package Included:

1x USB Power Module

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Adjustable USB Power Module DC5V to 3.3V 9V 12V 24V Buck Boost Converter Battery Voltage Current LCD Tester Meter

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