-40% Digital Control Step-down Module DC  6.5-36 V  to 1.2-32V 50W Buck Converter Power Supply Module LCD Display

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Product Parameters:

Input Voltage: 6.5-36 V  (If the input voltage is lower than 6.5, current accuracy will not be accurate; LCD display panel will not show anything if it is lower than 5.5 V)

Output Voltage: 1.2-32V

Output Current: 4.2-4.5A

Output Power: 50W (natural heat dissipation, within 3.5A); 75W(enhanced heat dissipation)

Voltage Display: 1.2-32V

Current Display: 0-4.5A

Conversion Efficiency: about 94%

Working Current: about 30mA

Input Reverse Connection Protection: Yes

Output Anti-backflow: No (When charging the battery, you should electrify the module and then connect it to the battery, and make sure that the battery voltage is lower than output voltage. If allowed, please connect output anode to anti-backflow diode in series.)

Size: 70.5 * 48.4 * 28mm

Weight: 62g

Product Characters:

1、  The crystal case is beautiful in design, the touch of the button is good, and the output voltage is set by the button, which eliminates the trouble of using a word knife.

2、  The button can control the output to be turned OFF and ON, and the default ON or OFF can be set.

3、  LCD can display input and output voltage, output current and output power.

4、  The input is protected against reverse connection, which will not burn down.

5、  With high current and low heating, it is suitable for office power supply, high-power LED constant current drive, lithium battery  charging, etc.


1、The input IN- can't short-circuit to the output OUT-, otherwise the constant current function will not work.

2、Please ensure that the power of the power supply is larger than the power required by the output load. If the module is hot, please reduce the power usage.

3、Please read the instructions  carefully before using it.


Package Included:

1 x Digital Control Step-down Module

input voltage6.5~36V
output current0~4.5A
output power50W
output voltage1.2~32V
output ways1

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Digital Control Step-down Module DC 6.5-36 V to 1.2-32V 50W Buck Converter Power Supply Module LCD Display

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