-17% 3pcs DC Motor Controller, Motor Controller DC 7.5~40V 3.5A Dual-H Bridge Motor Driver Module 12V 24V 36V PWM Speed Control Board Stepper Motor Driver Mini Module

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  • Output channel: 2 channel
  • Operating voltage: DC 7.5~40V
  • Sustained current: 2.5A
  • Peak current of each channel: 3.5A
  • Rated output power of each channel for reference: (12V) 30W, (40V) 60W
  • Voltage of signal control: DC 3~5V
  • Current of signal control in each channel: 2~5mA
  • Supporting PWM frequency range: 500HZ~30K (ideally)
  • Supporting PWM duty cycle range: 0~100%
  • Working temperature: -20°c~85°c
  • Dimension: 29 x 29 x 14mm
  • Weight: about 9.4g

Product Features:

  • Solid Construction: made of imported original professional motor driver chip and built in low conductivity internal resistance MOS switch tube.
  • Dual-way 2.5A*2, built in over-current protection and short-circuit protection for motor; thermal shutdown will not damage motor and Internal under-voltage locked.
  • Low heat generated and energy-saving, this motor driver module will be a ideal choice for powering battery.
  • Smart and compact size, light weight, low power consumption at stand by.
  • Equipped with pin socket and coming with 3 set of wires, easy and simple to wire it up with your devices.
  • A-way Control Signal Logical Truth Table
    • IN A1=1/PWM    IN A2=0               motor forward rotating/speed adjustment
    • IN A1=0              IN A2=1/PWM     motor reversal/speed adjustment
    • IN A1=1              IN A2=1               motor stop
    • IN A1=0              IN A2=0               low consumption stand by
  • B-way Control Signal Logical Truth Table
    • IN B1=1/PWM    IN B2=0               motor forward rotating/speed adjustment
    • IN B1=0              IN B2=1/PWM     motor reversal/speed adjustment
    • IN B1=1              IN B2=1               motor stop
    • IN B1=0              IN B2=0               low consumption stand by


  • 1 means high electric level, 0 means low electric level, PWM duty cycle means to adjust duty cycle and change speed.
  • IN A1 and IN A2 is for controlling MOTOR-A  &  IN B1 and IN B2 is for controlling MOTOR-B.
  • INx is for connecting MCU IO or other signal source, MV is for connecting DC positive, GND is for connecting DC negative, MOTOR-A and MOTOR-B is for connecting motor.

Warming tips:

  • Never connect positive and negative of power supply reversely, or it will damage the chip permanently.
  • Though there is short-circuit protection on motor’s output side, it is also possible to be damaged when at high voltage and high peak current.
  • Please use low current and low voltage to test this module board first, and then input much higher current and voltage.
  • When switching forward rotating and reversal, buffering time is needed to prevent internal MOS tube from damaging by strong reverse electromotive force of motor.
  • Don’t connect this module to any device with unsuitable voltage, current for this unit.     

Package Includes:

  • 3pcs x  Motor Controller 

output power2
output ways2

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3pcs DC Motor Controller, Motor Controller DC 7.5~40V 3.5A Dual-H Bridge Motor Driver Module 12V 24V 36V PWM Speed Control Board Stepper Motor Driver Mini Module

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