-52% 400W NC Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module DC 6~65V to 0~60V 8A Buck Adapter /Charger + Voltmeter/Ammeter/Capacity Meter/Time Meter

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It is a 400W NC Power Supply Module/Charger, Input voltage range: DC 6~65V, Output voltage adjusting range: DC 0~60V, Output current adjusting range: 0~8A, It has small size, high efficiency, long term stable and reliable quality,easy installation and use, Suitable for DIY an adjustable voltage regulated power supply, Charging module, Industrial equipment Voltage convert, Power Supply Transformers, Laptop Power Supply, Batteries Buck, Car Power Supply, LED drive,Advertising screen,Monitoring System etc

Product Features:
  • 1. Adopts advanced microprocessor control and the voltage and current can be precisely adjusted by the button.
  • 2. Adopts four-digit bright digital tube , which can real-time display output voltage, current, capacitance, time.
  • 3. Can set automatically out when the module is powered on.
  • 4. Can lock the value setting button to avoid mistaken adjustment of output voltage and current.
  • 5. There is reserved port which can be connected to the single-chip microcomputer or computer communication for further exploration.
  • 6. Adopts high-quality power components and the external precise designed CC and CV loop, which effectively.
  • 7. Adopts two 0.8mm dual-wire winding high current inductors. Input adopts two 470uF/100V electrolytic capacitors and the output adopts two 1000uF/63V electrolytic capacitors. Cooling with fan, low temperature raise.
  • 8. With digital display, easy and convenient to use
  • 9. Support constant voltage and constant current output.
  • 10. With working states indicators (OUT for output; CV for constant voltage; CC for constant current), you can check the real-time working state more convenient.
Technical Parameters:
  • Input voltage range: DC 6~65V
  • Output voltage adjusting range: DC 0~60V
  • Output current adjusting range: 0~8A
  • Output power: 0~400W
  • Output voltage setting resolution: 10mV
  • Output current setting resolution: 10mA
  • Power supply effect: CV< 0.5%+10mV  CC< 1%+10mA
  • Load effect: CV< 0.5%+10mV  CC< 1%+10mA
  • Output ripple: <40m Vpp (Input 54V, output 12V,current 5A)
  • 100Hz wave transmission ratio: <1/10000
  • Typical efficiency: 88% (Input 54V, output 36V,current 3A)
  • Display accuracy of voltage & current: 10mV, 10mA
  • Display error of voltage: ±1%+20mV
  • Display error of current: ±2%+20mA
  • Response time: < 50ms
  • Storage operation: M0-M9, a total of 10 groups of data
  • Cooling mode: The module owns heat sink, please pay attention to ventilation
  • Operating ambient temperature: 0°c ~40 °c
  • Stored ambient temperature: -20°c ~ 70°c
  • Working environment: Indoor use, max. humidity: 80%
  • Dimension (Lx W x H): 135 x 95 x 38mm
Package Includes:
  • 1 x 400W Buck Power Supply Module
input voltage6~65V
output current0~8A
output power400W
output voltage0~60V
output ways1

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400W NC Voltage Regulator Power Supply Module DC 6~65V to 0~60V 8A Buck Adapter /Charger + Voltmeter/Ammeter/Capacity Meter/Time Meter

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